Teléfono ONEPLUS 7T 128GB



  • Analyzed operating system

    Android 10

  • Latest version of the S.O. Info

    Latest version of the S.O.

    Some models, even if they are sold with an older version of the operating system (OS), as soon as you buy them they will have an update available, which is the one we show. We review the updates available for all phones every 2 months.

    Android 10

  • Google services Info

    Google services

    Thegoogle servicesare Google's own applications that are usually pre-installed on all smartphones whose operating system isAndroid.

    However, there are certain brands (among which stands outHuawei) thanthey are not licensed by Googleto use these applications and, even if the operating system is Android,they do not haveservices likeGoogle Play Store,Google Play Services,Google MapsTheYouTube.

    On the Google support page you can consult thelist of supported devicescon Google Play.


  • Screen size Info

    Screen size

    Diagonal of the screen expressed in inches.

    6,5 "

  • Screen resolution

    2400 x 1080 píxeles

  • Battery capacity

    3.800 mAh

  • Actual battery life (in our usage scenario) Info

    Actual battery life (in our usage scenario)

    This data is obtained from a usage scenario which consists of repeating the following processes in cycles of one hour:

    • Two notifications are received.

    • A YouTube video is displayed (7.5 minutes per hour).

    • 5 photos are taken with the rear camera and without flash.

    • One and a half minutes of use browsing the applications (1.15 minutes per hour).

    • Two and a half minutes of calls per hour.

    • The rest of the time the mobile is idle (47 minutes per hour).

    In this scenario the screen has a glow300 nits and the time for the mobile to go to sleep is 1 minute.

    27 horas

  • Internal memory

    128 GB

  • Actual internal memory available Info

    Actual internal memory available

    Real space available for user. The operating system and the pre-installed applications take up some space in the phone memory, and therefore the advertised capacity does not correspond to the actual capacity. If this value is less than 4GB, you will soon run out of enough space to update your applications or operating system.

    92 GB

  • Memoria RAM Info

    Memoria RAM

    The memoria RAM The Random Access Memory is the main memory of a device where they are stored in a temporal the data of the programs you are using at the moment.

    8 GB

  • Processor

    Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ Octa-core

  • Processor frequency

    2,96 GHz

  • Number of processor cores